Adrienne Pratt

Adrienne grew up in Fort Worth, Texas where she attended a public Montessori school from 2nd-5th grade.  She graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Photography and moved to the Bay Area in 2003.  As an elementary student, Adrienne fell in love with Montessori principles and experienced first-hand the benefits of a Montessori education. It was this experience that led her to Montessori teacher-training.  She earned her American Montessori Society Primary Certificate from St. Mary’s College in 2008.  During her training, she interned at a Montessori school that was also a farm- complete with goats, chickens, horses, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees. She taught there for seven years, serving as the Lead Teacher and Director for the last four years. Adrienne stopped teaching full-time to have her first child. She is delighted to be a part of the GLM community as a staff member and parent. She enjoys spending time with her husband and sons exploring all that the area has to offer and is passionate about travel, reading, and photography.

Veronica La Rosa

Veronica is a North Bay native and spent her childhood with her large, loving, and lively Italian-American family in Marin County. Veronica attended a private Catholic school until junior high when she transferred to the local public school. As an adult, she routinely took night and online classes through City College of San Francisco while she worked as a dog walker and trainer, culminating eventually in her Associate’s Degree. Working professionally with dogs taught Veronica valuable lessons in patience, interspecies communication, canine learning theory and behavior, and how to have fun outdoors and in! With a variety of different types of education in her background, Veronica is eager to learn more about the Montessori philosophy. As a brand new mother, she is especially excited to pass on these values to her young son and encourage his independence and growth. She hopes they will be able to learn alongside each other at GLM. In her free time, Veronica loves to hike and road trip with her husband, son, and their two small dogs, Flip and Flossie. She loves all things related to roller skating and is a big fan of podcasts, documentaries, and the San Jose Sharks.