Liz Niehaus

  |   Jacaranda Lead Teacher
Liz Niehaus

Liz is a lifelong educator who is in her second year at Grand Lake Montessori. After years of teaching using traditional methods in public charter schools, Liz is thrilled to have found her home in the Montessori method and community. She was originally drawn to the Montessori method for the way it permits children to unfold along a natural course of development and make discoveries for themselves. Liz views her role in Montessori education is to honor and value each child for exactly who they are, and guide them towards an even better version of themselves.

Liz’s current, urgent projects for self-development include growing as: an educator and human with an active anti-racist practice, a steward of the land she inhabits, and a student of indigenous life ways past and present. She has a special passion for quality children’s literature, and her affinity for hiking, biking, crafting, baking, and gardening often show up in Jacaranda community life. Liz earned her B.A. from Dartmouth College, M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and AMI Primary Montessori certificate from Montessori Northwest.

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