Wolfgang Ettenreich

Administration   |   Technology Coordinator & Operations

Wolfgang was born and raised in Augsburg, a city in the South of Germany. After enjoying the close proximity of the Alps for years and travelling to many countries of Europe, he visited California for the first time in 1996. In May 2000 he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Wolfgang holds a M.S. in Computer Science & Theoretical Medicine from the Technical University of Munich.

After working as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley for several years, he changed his career and received his AMI Montessori diploma from the Montessori Teacher Training Center of Northern California in Mountain View in 2006. After some years as a teacher in the classroom, he switched over to take on more administrative work, bringing together his knowledge of Montessori and an extensive computer background. In 2017 he started teaching robotics classes for elementary.

In his free time he loves playing the Australian didgeridoo and lately a new invention called RAV drum. He is committed to the spiritual path of the Diamond Approach and is one of the very few certified facilitators for Walking-In-Your-Shoes® (www.walking-in-your-shoes.us) in the Bay Area (www.wiys-institute.com).

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