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Like any school, Grand Lake Montessori has a unique story. Ours started in 1978 in the Lake Park Methodist Church basement and many chapters later, it is now a thriving Montessori learning community of 160 students on almost two acres of urban land. In the beginning we needed daily, hands-on, volunteer help from our parents to operate, but now that GLM is a well established toddler through elementary school, we are looking to find new ways to support its ongoing life, making it an even better place to be and belong.

As a 40+ year old non-profit serving hard working families, GLM has traditionally not made big asks of our parents in terms of fundraising. We have always recognized that the business & busyness of raising young children in the Bay Area can be both expensive and all consuming. Tuition alone however cannot cover the rising costs of maintaining and improving our beautiful environment or provide the much needed funding to support our Financial Aid program. We are, therefore, extremely grateful for any and all gifts of support to our school, whether it be from our school families or other friends and benefactors of GLM. These generous contributions enhance school life for students, families and staff, both today and into the future.

GLM has two main streams of fundraising: one is for supplementing GLM’s Financial Aid Program and the other is for our school-wide Capital Improvements.

Your generous tax-deductible support will make a difference – Thank you for your support!

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