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During the 2020-2021 school year at GLM and due to COVID-19 physical distancing protocols each classroom family will operate in two separate “pods”. Of the two pods, one pod will house the Lead Teacher and the other will house a “Lead-Support” teacher. Each pod will have 10-12 students. A third teacher, a “Support Teacher” will support both pods by covering breaks and stepping into either classroom “pod” throughout the day. As our Toddler classrooms are typically 12 or less students, they will continue to pod in their same classroom spaces with a Lead and Support teacher (as per the required 6:1 ratio). A third teacher will support both toddler pods by covering breaks and stepping into either pod throughout the day.

Teachers are listed by classroom.

Brown Cottage – Toddler

Mary Aima

Mulberry Lead TeacherRead Bio

Ying Tien

Mulberry Support TeacherRead Bio

Starr Singletary

Brown Cottage Support TeacherRead Bio

Danny Tien

Camellia Lead TeacherRead Bio

Grace Mollel

Camellia Support TeacherRead Bio

466 Chetwood Campus – Primary

Deserae Bright

Lead Teacher: Live Oak PodRead Bio

Faye Owens

Support Teacher: Jac./Up. Campus Jun. PodsRead Bio

Milvia Ricci

Lead Support Teacher: Live Oak/Jac. PodsRead Bio

Eileen Galindo

Support Teacher: Jacaranda/Live Oak PodsRead Bio
Liz Niehuis

Liz Niehaus

Lead Teacher: Jacaranda PodRead Bio

Theresa Lin

Lead Support Teacher: Upper Campus Juniper PodRead Bio

Lake Park Campus – Primary

Mosa Laren

Lead Teacher: Magnolia PodRead Bio

Celeste Stanley

Lead Support Teacher: Lower Ginkgo PodRead Bio

Nicole Jenkins

Support Teacher: Magnolia/Ginkgo PodsRead Bio

Cristina Graham

Lead Teacher: Upper Ginkgo PodRead Bio

Leta Koerber

Lead Teacher: Lake Park Juniper PodRead Bio

Jonathan Gordillo

Support Teacher: Lake Park Juniper/Upper Gingko PodsRead Bio

Redwood – Elementary

Janelle Cochrane

Redwood Lead TeacherRead Bio

Torie Beedle

Redwood Support TeacherRead Bio


Sid Leck

Head of SchoolRead Bio

Nancy Haskins

Director of Operations/HRRead Bio

Mariana Bissonnette

Director of InstructionRead Bio


Adrienne Pratt

Admissions & Communications ManagerRead Bio

Alicia Peterson

Administrative AssistantRead Bio

Support Staff

Joaquin Dehoyos

Facilities ManagerRead Bio

Rodrigo Oliveros

FacilitiesRead Bio

Somsy Phonexaysitthidet

Substitute TeacherRead Bio

Coreen Clark

Substitute TeacherRead Bio

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