Alicia Peterson

  |   Administrative Assistant

Ms. Peterson was born and raised in Sacramento, California. After majoring in Swedish in college in Seattle, she always knew she wanted to return to California and live in the Bay Area. After following some diverse career paths (marketing director at a record label, nanny, professional soap maker, running a pastry kitchen at a coffee company – to name a few!) she finally decided to go back to school for Early Childhood Development. She has worked with young children in different capacities over the years and was ready for a teaching experience. After doing this for a while, she is happy to bring together all of her administrative experience and her love of working in a school setting, here at Grand Lake Montessori. Watching young minds learning new things is a very special experience, and she feels grateful to be in the presence of these students daily. Outside of work, she spends time with her record nerd husband, Joe, and she bakes and makes a lot of messy art projects with her daughters Sody and Mabel.

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