Faye Owens

  |   Support Teacher: Jac./Up. Campus Jun. Pods

Ms. Owens was born and raised in Columbia, Mississippi. She grew up with five brothers and one sister. After graduating high school, she moved to California where she then attended Heald College to study business. Her first place of employment was a part-time teaching position in a toddler classroom at Grand Lake Montessori. It is here that she developed a love and passion for working with children. She very much enjoyed supporting the development of the toddlers and noticed that they could do many things on their own. Teaching at Grand Lake has inspired Ms. Owens to take many child development courses, including some in Montessori. She has also received an Administrative Director’s certificate and a Home Child Care certificate. Ms. Owens has been a teacher in many classrooms at Grand Lake Montessori for over thirty years. Ms.Owens believes strongly in bringing creativity to all aspects of education and also strives to uphold the school’s mission in her everyday work, which is to “Help make childhood a journey, not a race.” She loves to travel throughout the U.S., spending as much time as possible with her family in Mississippi. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga, listening to music, and loves eating different varieties of food.

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