Torie Beedle

  |   Redwood Support Teacher

Ms. Beedle grew up in the small New England state of Rhode Island. She holds a BS in Environmental Science from Norwich University, a MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability from Antioch University New England, and both a primary and elementary American Montessori Society (AMS) credentials from Saint Mary’s College. She is part of the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute’s 2020 cohort and is currently working toward a CA multiple subject credential and a MA in Teaching.  At Antioch, Torie researched how nurturing self-purpose and passion in employees is important for business.  She concluded that the seeds of self-purpose are rooted in a love for learning. Learning starts with curiosity, develops through experimentation and discovery, and then leads to an understanding of passions and values. Through this process the foundation of self-purpose is formed. It all starts with education and learning.  Her research led her to Montessori and progressive education. She was amazed to find that Maria Montessori had been working with these same ideas 100 years ago!  It’s been a passionate love affair ever since. Torie has taught both primary and upper elementary classrooms, including three years as GLM’s Jacaranda Lead.  In her free time, Torie enjoys exploring nature, playing music, making things, trail running, reading and spending time with her family.

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